Motor Boat Regulations for Algonquin Park

Motor boats are not permitted on most Algonquin lakes. There are, however, four groups of exception:

A) Motors of unlimited horsepower may be used on:

  • Galeairy Lake
  • Lake Opeongo

B) Motors of 20 horsepower or less may be used on:

  • Bonita Lake
  • Cache Lake
  • Canoe Lake
  • Cedar Lake
  • Kingscote Lake
  • Kioshkokwi Lake
  • Little Cauchon Lake
  • Rock Lake
  • Smoke Lake
  • Source Lake
  • Tanamakoon Lake
  • Tea Lake
  • Lake of Two Rivers
  • Whitefish Lake

C) Motors of 10 horsepower or less may be used on:

  • Cauchon Lake
  • Cauliflower Lake
  • Grand Lake
  • Joe Lake
  • Little Joe Lake
  • Madawaska Lake
  • Manitou Lake
  • North Tea Lake
  • Radiant Lake
  • Rain Lake
  • Tepee Lake
  • Lake Travers

D) Motors of 6 horsepower or less may be used, except from the last Friday in June to the first Monday in September inclusive, on:

  • Big Crow Lake
  • Hogan Lake
  • Lake La Muir
  • Proulx Lake
  • Little Crow Lake
  • White Partridge Lake

Algonquin Law clearly states that all Algonquins must adhere to these Motor Boat Regulations.

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