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What is a Pow Wow?

Code of Ethics for Native People

Traditional Teachings Brochures by AHT


thumbnail of magazine articleThe Storytellers

We are honoured to present The Storytellers which was inspired by the Peterborough Petroglyphs. It shares an interpretation of the story of creation and how life itself is sacred. This work is reprinted with permission.

Bradly "Dreamwalker" Macdonald is an artist and storyteller. You can learn more about his work and/or contact him through http://kmacart.net/dreamwalker-bio/.


2014 Birch Bark Canoe Workshop

The Teepee


thumbnail of articleLegend of the Dream Catcher

According to legend...dreams hold great power and are messages from sacred spirits. The hole in the center of the web lets the good dreams through and the bad dreams are trapped in the web until they disappear in the morning sun.

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thumbnail of magazine articleThe Earth is Our Mother

Republished from New York State Conservationist magazine, February 1995.
Artist Carson Waterman is a Seneca Native American from the Snipe Clan. He is one of the premier artists of the Iroquois Confederacy which spans what is now known as New York State.  Further work and contact may be found at http://carsonwaterman.webs.com.

Excerpt from "The Earth is Our Mother":

Seneca plantlore at Ganondagan State Historic Site

Could you live without a drugstore, a clothing store, a hardware shop, a supermarket?  Our forebears did.  But how?  How did they cure their sick?  Clothe and house their families?  Feed their children?  They did, and so can we - if we look to our traditions.


Anishnabe 101Anishnabe 101 - The Basics of what you need to know to begin your journey on the Red Road.

Written & Published by The Circle of Turtle Lodge.

Excerpt from "How to Use this Book":
The 21st century will be the age of the true renaissance of the Anishnabe philosophy. The prophecies of our people tell us that our ways will resurface and we will once again be strong. Our teachings are to be shared with all the races of the world, so that they too can thrive. You are welcome to come on the journey. Everyone is equal in a circle.

Available from the office for $17.00 - please contact us to get your copy.

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